Dark Beast + LC

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The must-have for real beasts in goal: Get the strictly limited DARK BEAST+ Collection. Built for the highest demands and developed by professionals. Now available for a short time.

Innovative Fusion Cut. Super grippy 4mm Aqua Grip. Extremely good performance in wet conditions. Strong in dry conditions. Mechano 2.0 backhand. Silicone Punching Zone. Removable strap.

  • The PLUS Limited Collection.
    Made for you. The DARK BEAST+ LC is one of three unique BEAST models. Packed with all our know-how. Made for pros. Now available for a limited time only.
  • Aqua Grip Power.
    From now on you'll love rain: The 4mm Aqua Grip made of premium latex provides stunning grip in the wet - and strong performance in the dry. For superior cushioning and control.
  • Fusion Cut Revolution.
    Now the beast really turns up the heat: The innovative Fusion Cut combines the advantages of classic Flat Cut - and Negative Cut models. For even more catching surface and stability in one glove.
    The secret behind it:
    The close-fitting Negative Cut stabilizes the base of your fingers. And the proven Flat Cut offers you even more catching surface at the fingertips.
  • Silicone Punching Zone.
    The Punching Zone made of special soft silicone gives you even more grip when boxing. For maximum control. Even with hard balls. With cool silicone elements. Inspired by real shark teeth.
  • Anatomic Fit.
    As if you were born with it: the DARK BEAST+ LC fits your hand perfectly in every playing situation. For an even more direct and intuitive feel.
  • Mechano 2.0 material.
    The beast is now even cooler: the breathable Mechano 2.0 material actively wicks sweat and moisture to the outside. So your hands stay dry longer.
  • Removable Pro Strap.
    Your claws in the best hands: The Detachable Elastic Double Strap gives you even more stability. For targeted relief of your hands. And even more support when catching.

Tech specs

  • Cut
    Fusion Cut
  • Fit
  • Latex
    4mm Aqua Grip
  • Gussets
  • Grip Protection
  • Body Material
    Mechano 2.0
  • Punching-Zone
  • Closure
    Elastic double strap
  • Wrapped Thumb
  • Finger protection
  • Grip
  • Shock absorption
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for
    Grass & artificial turf


  • All of our gloves, except for the junior models, have a protective film stuck to the adhesive foam. You must remove this before using it for the first time.

    We show you how to do this in the following video:

  • Our gloves require special care. You should therefore clean them thoroughly after each use to preserve the grip and minimize abrasion.

    Just watch the following video:

  • During training and games, there is always wear and tear on the adhesive foam. This is a normal process but does not affect grip.

    In order to minimize abrasion, we have put together a few tips and tricks for you in the video.

  • Professionals normally only use our goalkeeping gloves for a few weeks, since the demands at this level are extremely high. At T1TAN, you get the same quality as the professionals do.

    At amateur level, most goalies use 3-4 pairs of goalkeeping gloves a year. Therefore, you can assume a working life of 3-4 months. Optimum care and technology can increase this working life.

    Please note that abrasion can start to occur from the very first use. Nevertheless, the gloves can still be used for 3-4 months.

  • Do you need help in finding the right size for you? Then just send us a message at or just look at our size charts:

    To table of sizes

  • The carriage costs and delivery time depend upon the country to which the order will be sent. You can find details of the respective carriage costs and delivery times.

    If you would like to send the gloves back, then you can do so free of charge. You can find more information here:

    Returns procedure

Delivery details

It is of utmost importance to us that your products are shipped safely and reliably.

That is why we send packages exclusively via FedEx.

The moment your package has been shipped, you will receive a tracking link either via e-mail or Facebook Messenger so that you can track your package online.

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Please note: The delivery time of self-configured products such as MyGloves and MyShirts is about 6 weeks. The delivery time of personalized Gloves is about 5-7 business days.

Size Finder
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Find the right size for your hands.

Just measure the base of your middle finger to the tip of your finger.

Personalization details
IMPORTANT: 5-7 business days processing time.

Any glove we produce can have a custom text printed on the wrist strap.

You can either have one line or two lines printed as you can see in the picture below. The price for personalization is $12.00.

You can have the following characters printed:

➕ All numbers from 0-9
➕ All letters and special characters of the QWERTZ keyboard
🚫 Unfortunately, emojis and flags are not possible

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, different imprints on the right and left glove are not possible.