Goalkeeper Pants

Discover high quality goalkeeper pants for adults and children.

Goalkeeper pants - Important player position, special pants

No matter how the game is going, as a goalkeeper you always have to be ready. If the opponent goes full throttle, you're on the spot. Matching goalkeeper shorts ensure that you are optimally protected, even when making brilliant saves.

And because freedom of movement, durability and style are just as important, we have put a lot of work into the development of our goalkeeper pants. All with the aim of providing you with the best goalkeeper clothing to make you and your game even better.

Soccer goalie shorts - Material and padding determine your performance

90 minutes of top performance and sometimes even more. When you play, it gets down to business. But only the right padding enables you to a consistently strong performance. That's why our goalkeeper shorts for men, women and children offer maximum freedom of movement and a cool, sporty cut at very good quality.

The use of special and tried-and-tested materials makes T1TAN soccer goalie pants particularly robust. The elegant look in cool black and other colors ensures a perfect appearance in your goalkeeper training and matches.

By the way: You can also find the perfect goalkeeper jersey to match your shorts and also breathable new soccer socks.

Soccer Goalkeeper pants for men, women and children

Games without limits: Our goalkeeper shorts (gk pants) can also easily be worn by enthusiastic female goalkeepers and ambitious young keepers. In our size chart you will immediately find your optimal goalkeeper pants size.

And since you're in the process of refreshing your equipment, it might be time for some new goalkeeper gloves? You can also find these in our store. Discover free shipping for orders above $150 and a wide range of good quality goalkeeper stuff at low price.

Long, padded goalkeeper pants for the winter

Ready for any season: Our long goalkeeper pants are also ideal for playing optimally even in cold temperatures. Professional padding on the hips and knees ensures generous protection - even during intensive parades. The elegant look in black and the robust material provide an the stylish extra kick.

The body-hugging and sporty cut enables an optimum fit and better compression on our leggings. This allows the long goalkeeper trousers to improve blood flow to your muscles and reduce the reduce the risk of injury.

Cool for men, women and kids: the special AIR MESH material in the back area and crotch leads to better ventilation of your pants.

3/4 goalkeeper pants for the summer soccer ball game

Black, stylish and even breezier: the 3/4-length goalkeeper shorts give you even more freedom no matter on which turf you are playing on. Lightweight padding on the hips and knees ensure reliable all-round protection.

Whether for men, women or as goalkeeper trousers for children: the 3/4 trousers for goalkeepers optimize your training. With AirMesh for even better ventilation and a robust polyester material that provides reliable support.

Goalkeeper shorts for the summer

No matter how hot it gets: You deliver. And you always do. Goalkeeper shorts ensure optimum air circulation, look stylish and give you maximum freedom of movement. The ultra-light and flexible jersey fabric gives you a comfortable wearing comfort - even indoors.

Quick and easy thanks to our online store: simply find the right color and size for your goalkeeper shorts and look forward to a pleasantly airy game.

T1TAN goalkeeper protective pants - Tight fit with perfect protection for hips, legs and knees

Black, elegant and high-quality workmanship: The T1TAN pants for goalkeepers (gk pants) have been developed for use at pro level. Jump, slide or throw yourself in front of every ball: the padding, co-developed by professional footballers protects the stressed areas particularly effectively without restricting your full range of movement.

The close-fitting cut maximizes your freedom of movement without restricting you. The durable material reduces wear and tear and makes the cool look in black a lasting eye-catcher.

Are you ready to strap on your soccer goalie pants to get in to a crucial save?

Goalkeeper pants: Sizes for men, women and youth goalkeeper pants

The ball is round and for everyone: that's why we have designed our models so that they fit perfectly for men, women and children. Simply choose your size and look forward to a pair of goalkeeper shorts or pants that really fit perfectly .

Are you looking for the right goalkeeper shorts or pants for children or are you unsure which is the right size for you? No problem. In our SIZE FINDER you can find the right size for your gk pants quickly and easily.

Great Pants made for all keepers of every sport

11 versus 11 or would you prefer handball? We say: both! When developing our professional pants for goalkeepers, we placed great importance to maximum flexibility.

For this reason, you can easily use any T1TAN pants as handball goalkeeper pants. So you have complete freedom and simply play your best match. Everywhere.

Above all: The pants are suitable for men, women and children.

Frequently asked questions about soccer goalie pants

Which goalkeeper shorts do professional soccer players wear?

Professionals wear goalkeeper pants from Adidas, Nike and Puma. But times are changing. As a young start-up, we are very pleased that more and more professionals are playing with T1TAN equipment.

The best thing about T1TAN goalkeeper shorts is that they always stand out. The new look, the logo and the cool cuts make them the first choice for anyone for all those who don't want to play with the usual material.

What are the best padded pants for soccer goalies?

The best padded pants are from T1TAN. Cool cut, light weight and durabel materials are your new standard to make you outstanding.

What makes T1TAN goalkeeper pants so special?

The special thing about T1TAN goalkeeper pants is that we fully understand ourselves as a brand completely dedicated to football. Just like you, we live it and have passion and love for the game. This is why we develop only equipment that we ourselves as players want.