Athletic tape

Discover tension-resistant athletic tapes for stabilizing ligaments and joints.

Athletic Tape - tape for stabilization during exertion

As a goalkeeper, you are the backbone of your team. When you play, you give your all. Whether it's a save, a slide or a shot: you go all out. Your joints and muscles are under particular strain. It goes without saying that injuries and overloading cannot always be avoided.

The good thing is that supports and tapes can provide you with targeted relief. They support fingers and hands and stabilize the musculoskeletal system. You can also use the tape as shin guard tape without any problems.

Athletic tapes are precision-designed tools, strategically wrapped to provide targeted support. Proper positioning and width ensure optimal function, reducing the risk of injury. These tapes are invaluable aids for athletes, offering versatile and reliable support during training and competition.

Athletic taping: strengthen injured areas and promote recovery

Small roll - big effect: With the athletic tape from T1TAN, you can support injured and damaged areas precisely and safely. The water-repellent and highly tensile material gives you more stability and can provide targeted protection against overloading and injuries.

Less pain and better play: Tape support bandages ensure that you can stay active for longer despite injuries. By avoiding elastic materials, athletic tape is also suitable for the initial treatment of typical sports injuries. When applied correctly, athletic tapes keep your ligaments, joints and muscles stable.

Taping can actively protect against injuries. It enables a firm fixation of particularly stressed areas. The associated restriction of movement relieves pressure on endangered or injured joints and fingers.

Application of sports tape - versatile and supportive

The athletic tape application is suitable for almost all sports. You can use it to treat injuries as well as prophylactically to protect against overuse. Muscles, capsules and ligaments are actively stabilized.

In the event of overuse, the T1TAN cotton athletic tape ensures precise fixation of the injured or endangered areas. As a keeper, you should therefore always buy suitable athletic tapes in addition to good goalkeeper gloves.

Goalie tape to stabilise goalkeeper fingers

It's more than just a hobby - it's your passion. With our goalkeeper finger tape, you can keep your head free at all times, even during ambitious parades. Whether shin guards or hand and finger joints: the adhesive and open-pored plaster material ensures optimum support and the desired compression.

Sports tape for perfect hold of socks and shin guards

Real prevention starts with optimum protection: with the T1TAN Sport tape bandage made of breathable cotton, slipping socks are a thing of the past. Ideal for keepers who also play actively in front of the box.

Finger tape - universally usable for various sports

Order athletic tape and play with a clear head: Modern athletic tape can be used for many sports. Whether as climbing tape, volleyball finger tape, basketball finger tape or football finger tape: it ensures better fixation of the musculoskeletal system and protects against overloading.

Important: If you have any complaints, consult your doctor before playing to avoid serious overloading and injuries. T1TAN athletic tape is intended for support and prevention and is not a medical product like sports medical tape.

T1TAN Tapes - Hand-tearable, adhesive and skin-friendly

Always there when you need it: T1TAN tapes impress with their extremely tensile, adhesive and tear-resistant plaster material. The breathable athletic tape is easy to apply to the skin and is made from 100% cotton.

Strong and durable: Thanks to the water-repellent surface, you can use it for every game and training session without hesitation. It is deliberately non-elastic so that it gives you maximum stability and compression. The T1TAN athletic tape rolls are extra handy and particularly easy to unroll.

Advantages of T1TAN athletic tapes at a glance

  • Extremely high tensile strength

  • inelastic

  • Breathable

  • High adhesive strength

  • water-repellent

  • latex-free

  • Good skin compatibility

  • versatile for e.g. soccer, handball, volleyball and football

Popular colors: White tape and black tape

The tape color that always fits: Tape black and tape white not only ensure optimum stability - they also match your outfit and team colors perfectly. The practical rolls are compact and fit into any sports bag. Best of all, you can buy your athletic tape cheaply at T1TAN.

Buy T1TAN tape - your "little helper" for injuries

Helps immediately and is ready to hand: The athletic tape can be fixed easily and precisely to the injured area during training and games after an overload. This provides immediate relief for your joints, ligaments or muscles. Incorrect movements and pain can be easily avoided.

Soccer tape is therefore a must for many professionals and competitive athletes. The T1TAN athletic tapes in white and black fit in every sports bag. And because it sometimes has to be done quickly, the athletic tape is particularly easy to unroll. The extremely tensile cotton material is breathable and easy to tear off.

Order athletic tapes - simply play safer

At T1TAN we believe that every keeper deserves the best equipment. That's why you can easily order your sports tape from us, we are sure to have the right one for you in stock to prevent injury. Breathable, extremely tensile, skin-friendly and available in 25mm or 38mm sizes: you can buy the right sports tape as a nice double pack in our online store.

Inelastic tape bands vs. elastic kinesiology tapes

Unlike conventional kinesiology tapes (also abbreviated as KT Tape), T1TAN athletic tapes are deliberately not elastic. This allows you to use them for the targeted fixation of stressed body areas. This allows you to intentionally restrict movement. The reason: When certain parts of the body are covered with tape it relieves the strain on your ligaments, muscles and joints.

Classic kinesio tapes allow you good mobility. The material is elastic and suitable for long-term wear. Unlike athletic tape, kinesio tapes "work" and support your muscles and ligaments during movement.

What do the colors on the tapes mean?

Kinesio tapes are usually blue. However, they are also available in red or green. However, the different colors do not have a real therapeutic effect. Similar to athletic tapes, however, they are easy and convenient to apply to the skin.

Advantages and main areas of application for athletic tape

Stability and protection against overstretching and overloading - The athletic tape ensures precise fixation and compression of your ligaments and muscles. This makes it ideal for providing targeted relief for your joints during training and games.

The tensile and inelastic plaster material enables you to achieve optimum and precise fixation. This means that overstretching can be actively reduced even during ambitious parades.

Advantages and main areas of application of kinesiology tape

Kinesio tape is particularly suitable for treating orthopaedic complaints. Unlike athletic tape, it cannot specifically protect against overloading as it is elastic. It is therefore mainly used as a supportive form of treatment alongside sport.

Kinesio tape can also be used for pain therapy, as it provides targeted support for muscle strands. When buying tape, you should therefore ask yourself what use you need for the support bandages.

Our conclusion: athletic tape vs. kinesiology tape

If you want to give your all as a keeper, you should play with athletic tape. The active compression and protection against overloading can save you from serious injuries. As an ambitious goalkeeper, you should therefore always buy athletic tape as well as protection wear. Oh yes, and don't forget: Goalkeeper gloves from T1TAN are professional quality at a low price. Order now and save on shipping costs.

Frequently asked questions about athletic tapes

What is athletic tape used for?

Athletic tape is used to fix injured, restricted or stressed areas of the musculoskeletal system. It is breathable and can be worn well against the skin. The adhesive tape ensures precise and intentional restriction of movement in the affected areas.

What is the difference between athletic tape and Kinesio tape?

Athletic tape protects your musculoskeletal system and relieves particularly vulnerable areas. When used correctly, the tape actively protects against overloading and overstretching. Whether on fingers, hands or shins: the compression provides a secure hold and can enable faster recovery and recuperation. Kinesio tape provides flexible support that mimics skin elasticity.

Does sports tape really work?

Yes, sports tape can effectively support muscles and joints, aiding in injury prevention and recovery.

Where can I use athletic tape?

The athletic tape is your support during training and games. Athletic tape can be used on various body parts, including ankles, wrist wraps, knees, and shoulders, to provide support during physical activity.

When should you not use sports tape?

Avoid using sports tape if you have open wounds, skin irritations, or allergies to adhesive materials. It's also not recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions without consulting a healthcare professional.