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Become a member of the Goalkeepers Club now and collect points that you can redeem on your next order!

Create Account +200 points
With every purchase $1 = max. 15 points
Redeem your points 500 points = $5 discount
How it works
1. Collect points

Depending on the level, collect up to 15 points for every dollar you spend in our shop. PLUS extra points for recommending friends, your birthday and much more!

2. build up points

The points are credited to your account and stored there for 12 months - log in at any time to check your current point balance!

3. Redeem points

Save money and redeem your points for a discount on the value of your goods the next time you order!


Required revenue per year for your upgrade

Talent $0 - $149
Pro $150 - $399
Star $400 +
+200 points sign-up bonus
Points with every order
Lightning offers
Free personalization
2 days pre-sale on limited editions
10% extra discount on every order

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Check your tier to see how you can earn points

+ 5 points+ 10 points+ 15 pointsSpend $1
+ 100 points+ 200 points+ 500 pointsOn your Birthday
+ 1.000 points+ 1.250 points+ 1.500 pointsReffer a friend
+ 100 points+ 200 points+ 500 pointsWrite a product review (max. 2 reviews per month)
+ 50 points+ 50 points+ 50 pointsFollow us on Istagram
+ 50 points+ 50 points+ 50 pointsLike us on Facebook
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  • No, the rewards system is absolutely free of charge

  • 500 points are $5 worth.

  • Earn points for every $ spent in our online shop. PLUS extra points for activity on social media, referring a friend, your birthday and many more!

  • Unless you return your order, your points will be credited to you after the 14-day return period.

  • You can redeem your points directly at the checkout when you place your order or you can create a voucher, which you can also enter at the checkout.

  • You can redeem your points for 12 months.

  • Your level depends on your annual turnover in our online shop.

    Talent = $0 - $149 revenue per year
    Pro = $150 - $399 revenue per year
    Star = $400 + revenue per year

  • In the level you have reached, you stay for 12 months. After that you have to reach the required turnover again.


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