Soccer Socks

Discover stable-fitting and breathable soccer socks.

Soccer socks are more than just ordinary socks

Jumps, saves and kicks. As a keeper, you are constantly on the move. This is where your feet need optimum grip and maximum control. We have developed the special T1TAN soccer socks for you to give them the best possible support.

Best soccer socks with pro features

Maximum performance starts with your feet. The breathable and non-slip socks give you even more precise movements and more control.

Whether in games or as soccer training socks: special flexible zones provide targeted support for your calf and instep. The ergonomic fit stabilizes your feet and provides precise compression that can promote your blood circulation.

Anti-bacterial, anatomically designed and with a particularly comfortable fit: our soccer socks provide a great value for your game and are made for keepers like you. Best of all, the materials used in our soccer socks are particularly durable and meet the demands of real professionals.

Speaking of "professional demands": Did you know that T1TAN also offers other cool goalkeeper clothing in addition to soccer socks? No?

You'll find the right goalkeeper jersey, long or short goalkeeper pants and, of course, goalkeeper gloves with perfect grip for absolute ball control.

Superior grip for athletic performance

Play without restrictions and enjoy superior freedom of movement even in the 90th minute: we focus specifically on non-slip soccer socks that give you even more control.

Whether you're making fast moves or hearty slides, the high-grip socks keep your feet stable and reliably in your shoes at all times. The flexible cuff prevents your socks from slipping.

Soccer socks bring your power to the pitch

Tense your muscles, call on your speed and go full throttle: As a pro, you know the game in the box inside out. Our sturdy soccer socks now allow you to be an even more intuitive player.

Optimum fit, yet with enough room so that you don't feel constricted and particularly elasticated, they convert every impulse into the right movement. The special material combination of hard-wearing and breathable fibres reduces unwanted slipping to a minimum.

T1TAN soccer socks - complete your soccer look!

Perfect appearance guaranteed: The soccer socks from T1TAN combine optimum support with a modern design to match your needs. They go perfectly with your gloves, shorts and jersey.

Get your high-quality pair now in our usa online store: whether in stylish black or bright white soccer spcks - you'll find the right adult and youth soccer socks for every outfit. Simply and conveniently choose your color for your best game.

Soccer socks with anti-slip effect and perfect fit for shin guards

Jumping, sliding or sprinting: Just do what you want. The non-slip SpeedGrip socks reliably hold your feet and shoes together. Thanks to the specially integrated pads on the ball of the foot and the heel, your feet and socks "stick" together to form an unstoppable unit. Anti-slip effect guaranteed.

As your shin splints often need extra protection, you can simply pull your shin guard over the socks. The double welt top ensures that the socks will remain in perfect position without rolling down over.

Breathable material for dry feet

Your shoes are not a greenhouse and certainly not a rainforest: that's why we use a particularly breathable yarn for our soccer socks. It now wicks moisture and sweat away even faster. For a dry feel, even in damp weather.

Anti-bacterial for your ideal foot climate

Say goodbye to sweaty and smelly socks: our special yarn specifically reduces odors and germ development. For drier feet and more freshness in your shoes.

Optimum comfort: soccer socks with elastic waistband

Whether for men, women or children: T1TAN soccer socks give you even better support in your soccer boots. Want even more? Then we recommend our SpeedGrip socks. They have a special elasticated cuff on the shin and allow you to perform even extreme load changes without slipping.

Short or long soccer socks? Both! And in the right size!

Always the right pair of socks to hand: our classic black soccer socks are among the most popular long models. The Speedgrip socks are specifically designed to be slightly shorter.

The best thing is that we make it super easy for you to find the right size. Simply and conveniently choose between sizes S, M and L - the super stretchy material then adapts perfectly to your size.

Watch out: Men's soccer socks are often sought in large sizes. For this reason, our Speedgrip models even go up to size 50!

Soccer socks for men, women and all ambitious ball sports enthusiasts

Soccer socks for men? We say: soccer socks for everyone! For this reason, we have developed our soccer socks so that they offer perfect support for both men and women. Our socks are currently available in white and black - but it's definitely worth checking back from time to time as we are constantly expanding our range. It is quite possible that other colors such as blue, green or red will be available one day.

Kids soccer soccs and youth soccer socks for boys and girls

In our online shop you will find the best goalkeeper accessories not only for adults, but also for up-and-coming young talents. Our socks are available in cool colors to mark your place on the pitch. In addition to sizes for adults, you'll also find smaller sizes that can be used as youth soccer socks or even for larger kids.

Frequently asked questions about soccer socks

What socks should I wear for soccer?

In soccer, you need non-slip and breathable socks to get the most out of them. A firm hold, targeted compression and a durable mix of materials: this means you always have the best possible footing, even with very fast load changes.

What is special about soccer socks?

The anatomical cut of the football sock ensures an even better fit and maximum comfort. The socks also give you more grip, wick away moisture and sweat and are more durable than normal cotton models.

Why do soccer players wear 2 socks?

Usually, soccer players wear the team socks to be conformed with the team uniform but also wear Grip Socks over them so that their feet do not slide in their cleats when making sharp turns.

How do pros wear their socks?

Most professionals will cut their socks at the ankle or wear "tube" socks and use tape to ensure that they do not fall down. They use Grip Socks to cover their foot and ankle so that their feet do not slide in their cleats.

Do soccer socks make a difference?

Absolutely! Grip Socks make a huge difference in stability and allow players to play to the best of their ability.