Goalkeeper Glove Handling
Goalkeeper gloves are the heart of our product range. Here we show you what the life of your glove could be like - from purchase to final use.
1. Selection

To find the glove that meets your needs and requirements, you can use our Glove Finder. Based on your criteria, it will show you a selection of possible perfect gloves for you.

2. Remove the film

Once you have received your gloves after a few days, you must first remove the protective film. This guarantees that the adhesive foam of your gloves arrives clean, undamaged and with optimal grip. By carefully removing the film, you can avoid minor damage to the adhesive foam. And should a piece be torn out, that’s not a big deal. Once that’s done, you can rinse the gloves thoroughly with water or use them right away.

3. First wash

After you have removed the foil, you can rinse the gloves thoroughly with water. This removes production residues from the material. However, this is not a must, so you can use the gloves immediately without any problems.

4. Use

Before and during use, you should always moisten your gloves a little bit. This reduces abrasion and strengthens the grip. Depending on how often you use the gloves, on which surface you play and how advanced your goalkeeping skills are, abrasion will automatically occur on the adhesive foam. However, this is a natural process with gloves that does not affect ongoing use in any way.

5. Cleaning

After each use, you should clean your gloves thoroughly, as practice or play will cause dirt and sweat to accumulate in the glove, accelerating the wearing process. The best way to clean them is with water or even better with our Turbogrip.

6. Drying

Once you have cleaned the gloves, wring them out well to remove excess water. Then let them air dry in a cool, dark place. The drying process may take 1-2 days, but that’s not a big deal since we recommend using the gloves wet anyway.

7. Storage

If you do not need the gloves for a few days, you should store them in a cool, dark place and optionally in a suitable bag. It is important that the bag is permeable to air. This protects the adhesive foam from dirt and drying out due to high temperatures.

8. Duration of use

In general, you can use goalkeeper gloves as long as the adhesive foam is available. It is quite natural that the grip decreases with increasing usage time and the adhesive foam wears off more and more. If you follow our tips/recommendations, you can assume an average life span of 3-4 months, although this also depends on the frequency of use, among other things. Professional goalkeepers change their gloves every two weeks, for example.

9. Tip

Many goalkeepers always use two pairs at the same time - one for training, one for the game. Since the game is all about performance, you should use the newer pair for that. If the grip then decreases somewhat over time, you can continue to use the pair for training and get a new pair to be able to continue to achieve top performance.