Goalkeeper gloves with finger protection

Discover goalkeeper gloves with finger protection to support injuries and overstretching.

Goalkeeper gloves with protection for your fingers - What's the difference?

Goalkeeper gloves with finger protectors or spines (Fingersave) have special protectors that are incorporated into the backhand of the goalkeeper gloves. These gloves stabilize and protect your fingers from overstretching. They have the same same grip as conventional models.

Usually, regular goalkeeper gloves do not have this protective mechanism. As a result, weakened fingers and limbs are significantly more at risk of injuries. When catching hard balls, individual fingers can overstretch unintentionally.

Safety first: Especially if you are a young and ambitious keeper, goalkeeper gloves with these finger protectors are a sensible investment for every match investment for every match and training session.

Gloves that keep your hand safe - Made for catching hard shots safely

Top performance - in terms of protection and performance. Our models with protection on the fingers have been designed for professional use. They offer you the same fantastic grip with the same powerful catching surface as the models without protectors.

Top: The gloves with finger protectors from T1TAN are available from size 4. This means that even the youngest players can use our youth goalie gloves to play safely right from the start.

Goalie gloves with individually removable finger spines

By buying gloves with the finger protectors, you are investing in your safety. You specifically reduce the risk of injury. Thanks to the individually removable and flexible finger spines, you can adapt your glove to your individual playing style.

Optimal support for your fingers in case of injuries

As a goalkeeper, you grab the balls and are always in the middle of the action. To make sure everything goes well, there can be safety add-ons: the gloves with finger protectors from T1TAN can protect all your fingers, including your thumb, from unintentional overextension even with hard balls. This can specifically reduce the risk of overloading and injuries.

The highlight: flexible special protectors absorb the majority of the impact force in milliseconds. This means that your hands and fingers are optimally relieved. Whether you are a professional or an up-and-coming talent: your gloves should always offer you maximum grip, control and protection.

This is why the T1TAN finger protection models have the usual good dexterity and an extremely grippy catching surface. And because every game is different, the T1TAN goalkeeper gloves with finger protection have individually removable protectors. So you can decide how much protection you really want in goal.

Sounds good? Then simply search the store for our (FP) finger protection gloves in the shop.

T1TAN Goalie gloves with finger protection: Real support for sensitive fingers

Soccer is your life - that's why you should be able to play injury-free. The finger protection (Fingersave) gloves from T1TAN have been developed to provide you with maximum safety. They offer you the usual outstanding grip and ensure maximum ball control.

Explore our extensive range of goalkeeper gloves on this full page, and find the perfect pair with our selection results to enhance your game.

Gloves with individual protectors - Developed for goalkeepers in thousands of hours of testing

There are no half measures when it comes to safety. We have optimized our Finger protection models for a long time so that they offer you maximum mobility and comfort. The elaborately optimized inner seam ensures a perfect feel - on every finger.

Best goalkeeper gloves with protection - Checkout professional quality at the best price

Because protecting your fingers from injuries should not break the bank, our goalkeeper gloves with individually removable finger protectors are also reasonably priced and often below regular price of the market. So that you can purchase the best quality, look cool in your box and know that your fingers are safe from injuries!

Unhappy with the wide selection? Reset and replace them with your own design!

You can't find a model that suits your need? No problem! At T1TAN, you can design your own model through our 3D Configurator My Glove and customize your own gloves! Yes, that is right! And of course, you can also choose to add the finger protectors to your unique design!

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Frequently asked questions about goalkeeper gloves with finger protection

What are the benefits of the finger protectors?

The finger protectors for goalkeeper gloves can protect your fingers from overstretching and injuries. The individually removable protectors ensure that your fingers are stabilized.

Is protecting fingers important?

Protecting your hands is very important, but also depends on your style of play. Especially as a young goalkeeper, the goalkeeper gloves with individually removable protectors can protect you from serious overloading. They are also a good way to get started after recovering from injuries to provide the best possible protection for the joints and tendons at risk.

Do professional goalkeepers use finger protectors?

While most professional goalkeepers may prefer gloves without the finger protectors, some like the safe feeling while recovering from an injury, or simply want to protect themselves from worse injuries to their fingers.

How do you remove the finger spines from goalkeeper gloves?

Finger protectors for goalkeeper gloves are special protectors that can protect your fingers from overloading and overstretching. Our models have individually removable spines so that each finger on the glove can be optimally adapted to your game. There is a small opening on the backhand of the gloves that will let you remove the spines one by one.