Goalkeeper gloves

Discover the T1TAN goalkeeper gloves and turn into a legend in goal.

Goalkeeper gloves are more than just a pair of gloves

It's your world. It's your game. Whether you play on artificial turf, on the hard indoor court or the classic grass field, you're the number one in the box. You know your goal, the sound of the ball hitting the posts and every inch of the penalty area. You are the goalkeeper and your goalkeeper gloves are your most important tools.

As a goalkeeper, you trust your instincts. You rely on your experience, your equipment and on a glove with optimal catching surface. You know where to stand. You see how the defense shifts and can anticipate plays long before they happen. When things get dicey in the box, you're there. Perfectly positioned and ready to grab the ball at any time. That's why you need high quality goalkeeper gloves with good grip.

In this article you will learn why T1TAN goalkeeper gloves are one of the best soccer goalie gloves and explain to you what you should be looking for to find your optimal pair of gloves.

Goalie Gloves with professional features at an unbeatable price

In goalkeeping, if you want to perform at your best, you need the perfect equipment. That is why we specialize in goalkeeper gloves that provide you maximum grip, stylish looks and don't break your bank. Because we believe goalkeeper gloves should have real professional features and stay at a low price, so that you don't have to wait for them to be on sale to buy them.

Today, well over 265,000 goalkeepers in the world use our goalkeeper gloves. The best part of it is, we think about your budget, so you can save more than 50% compared to traditional leading brands like Nike, Puma or Adidas.

The secret? We focus on the essentials: grip, comfort and really cool style. That means you do not have to wait for the sale season or be the best goalie in the world to wear really good equipment. We also think that affordable professional soccer gloves should not be boring. That's why we have a wide range of models in stylish colors and designs such as all white, all black, red, orange, green, blue and more!

Our online store offers you a wide range of goalkeeper gloves to suit your taste, no matter what the playing surface is or the weather conditions are and best of all, at a price that competitors cannot beat.

Goalie gloves for both men and women

The passion for soccer knows no boundaries. That is why each T1TAN keeper glove is designed for both men and women goalkeepers. We rely on our own goalkeeping development department and the experience of real professionals who play in the best leagues in the world today.

The best equipment, for everyone, at the best price. The result is goalie gloves that provide maximum performance in every game situations. All of our models impress with fantastic grip, clever features and durability. We offer goalkeeper gloves that have been optimized for both grass and artificial turf.

No matter how you play, you will find soccer goalkeeper gloves that will improve your game in the box. With innovative features like Finger Protection or our Punching Zone for optimal control and state-of-the-art materials. All of that at the lowest price possible, for every goalkeeping legend.

Goalie Gloves for Kids

Being a true T1TAN starts early - that's why we deliberately focus on high-quality youth goalie gloves. So that the pros of tomorrow can also play optimally, we consistently include the professional features of our adult models into our junior goalie gloves.

Time for a new pair: abrasion-resistant adhesive foam and maximum grip on the palms ensure top performance in the box, even for kids. The stylish colors on your hands make them an eye-catcher in every game.

And because your budget is at the core of our values, you also benefit from our outstanding price-performance ratio for the junior models. So that even the kids get absolute pro models for their games at a low price.

Goalkeeper gloves with finger protection

As a goalkeeper, you always give your all. To relieve the strain on your fingers during strong shots, you can purchase goalie gloves with finger protection from us! These can prevent injuries and protect you from overstretching your fingers during particularly hard shots.

Specially manufactured finger protectors relieve your fingers from overextension backwards. These can be ideal if for example you only touch the ball with one finger instead of a full palm behind a hard shot.

Just like the normal version, you can get your goalkeeper gloves with finger protections in stylish looks and many different colors. We offer you the right equipment for a safe game, and of course always at the best price.

Customizable for your playing style

Protect your hands and fingers however you want it: Because every goalkeeping legend plays differently, you can insert the finger protectors individually under each finger and thus perfectly adapt to your playing style! And because they are fully removable, you can also completely take the finger protectors off when you don't want to play with them.

Durability, superb fit and even more grip

At T1TAN, we are not one of the leading brands in goalkeeping equipment for no reason. Low price does not mean compromising on your equipment. As a keeper, you need the right equipment. That's why we consistently focus on grip, fit and durability in our goalie glove. This ensures that you can catch even the hardest shots.

Because we want you to use the same pair as the pros, we rely on professional technology that everyone can afford, and offer features that you really need and that immediately improve your game.

The durability of gloves is known to be approximately 3-4 months depending on individual use, care and preparation, and the conditions of use. Therefor, we keep our price low so that you can have good gloves and perfect grip throughout your entire season!

The perfect size for the perfect pair

The right size can determine the perfect performance. So that you can get the most out of your soccer gloves, we offer all models in all popular sizes. Simply choose the right size and find your perfect pair.

To help you find the perfect size, we have developed the Size Finder which will guide you to the perfect fit. It helps you to immediately find the right size for your goalkeeper gloves.

The best thing is, the Size Finder is very easy to use. Simply enter the length of your middle finger from its tip to its base - the Size Finder reliably shows you which size would fit best for your glove. The Size Finder is also available for the Junior pair of gloves!

No more boring Goalkeeper Gloves

Stand out and dominate with the wide range of T1TAN goalie gloves. With the expertise of T1TAN's glove experts, one of the leading brands in the world today, you dominate the game, your opponents and bring the style to the pitch! Bring your performance to the highest level with unique looks and key features that provide the assurance you need to save your team from another defeat. The best looking glove at the lowest price!

Cool goalie gloves in eye-catching colors

You're the goalkeeper and therefore the backbone of the team. Whatever happens, you pull the coals out of the fire. If your defense is asleep, you'll drive the opposing strikers to despair. For this reason, your goalie gloves should not look boring.

We offer you a wide range of cool colors that immediately make it clear: you are the goalkeeping Guru and no one can get past you today! That's why we focus on bold designs and stylish looks. Our models are therefor available in blue, red, green... so that you can catch every ball in style.

You can also get the models for the little ones in attractive and eye-catching colors. So even the future pros can play with a cool pair and have even more fun playing soccer!

Goalkeeper gloves as unique as you are

Nobody plays like you. That's why your equipment should be just as unique as you are. It should emphasize your style and character. For this reason, we have developed the Al1en and Beast MyGlove models. With them, you can create your very own glove. A truly one of a kind glove for an incredible price!

Design without limits

Become a glove designer with our innovative tool "My Glove". Choose colors, cut and even latex for your next goalie gloves. With this T1TAN 3D Configurator you can define all features yourself. Choose the color of the backhand, design each finger and determine the cut and texture of the palm.

You can even decide on the type of straps you want! The result is a highly customized glove that will make you an absolute T1TAN on the field. For all goalkeepers who want to take the lead in the box and avoid breaking the bank with a reasonable price.

T1TAN Goalkeeper Gloves: How to become a goalkeeping legend

Give it your all and catch every ball. With the T1TAN goalkeeper gloves you get professional soccer goalie gloves with the highest level of technology at an unbeatable price. Look forward to proven features used by professional goalkeepers in the best leagues around the world today.

With our new models, we have made your equipment even better. That means even more grip, less abrasion and always a perfect fit. Choose your model, become a T1TAN and play your best game for your team. And because we always think of your wallet, you can get them at half the price of a pair of Nike or Adidas.

BEAST 3.0 COLLECTION - Unleash the BEAST in you.

Become the BEAST of the Best! With the brand new Beast 3.0 Collection we have developed an incredibly strong range of gloves for you. Because goalkeeping is not for everyone and you need a glove that provide everything you want!

No more excuses: The T1TAN PETROL BEAST 3.0 has been specially developed for bad weather. Special 4mm Aqua Grip rain surface. Unreal grip in the rain and good performance in the dry. Breathable and ultra-light Mechano 2.0 material. Increased Catching surface. Completely redesigned silicone punching zone with Beast look. Unbeatable price!

Classy looks and extreme performance: The T1TAN WHITE BEAST 3.0 sets new standards. Catching surface optimized with the Hybrid Cut. Mega grippy 4mm Gecko Grip. Extended pro grip foam. Breathable and ultra-light thanks to the Mechano 2.0 backhand. Completely redesigned Silicone punching zone in aggressive Beast look. An all-white glove at an incredible price!

Hit back and beat the best: the T1TAN RED BEAST 3.0 are a real weapon in the box. Mega grippy 4mm Gecko Grip. Negative Cut. Extra tight Fit. Extended Grippy Foam. Completely new developed silicone punching zone in cool Beast look. Breathable Mechano 2.0 material. Removable straps. Irresistible RED BEAST look. Irresistible price!

The Beast 3.0 Collection is perfect for all goalkeepers, of all ages, men or women. They provide different features for different needs, and always respect your budget with their unbeatable price.

AL1EN BLACK ENERGY - The pair for the AL1EN on the team.

Designed for the AL1EN in you: Innovative Mixed Cut meets rock solid 4mm Gecko Grip for even more ball control. Ultralight Neoflex material. Grip Protection for better durability and strong punching zone.

The stylish look in futuristic black with bright red-ish inner finger immediately catches the eye of everyone on the team. Get your T1TAN ALIEN 2.0 MYGLOVE for half the price of a pair of Nike or Adidas. Because you're the AL1EN on the team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my goalie glove size?

In order to find your goalie glove size, we provide you with our own Size Finder that you can find on each of our glove's page in the store. Simply measure your middle finger, from its tip to the base, without including any of the palm area. Enter your measurement into our Size Finder and it will provide the most accurate size for your hands!

Do professional goalkeepers use glove glue?

Most professional goalkeepers do not use glove glue - but they all take very good care of their gloves by washing them after every training sessions.

Should I use finger protection?

The use of Finger Protection can be beneficial if you tend to injure your fingers often. The finger protectors can help prevent injuries and protect your fingers from overstretching backwards. The best part is, with our models, you can almost always totally remove the protectors from their sockets so that you can play completely without them if you decide to!

Why do goalkeepers pour water on their gloves?

Goalkeepers pour water on their gloves to make the latex more flexible. Water infiltrates the pours inside the latex that makes it flexible and activates the grip. We always recommend to use them somewhat wet to allow their maximum performance!